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Do you have back pain, aching shoulders or a sore neck?

Well you've come to the right place.

I specialise in back, shoulder and neck pain.

I address the cause not just the symptoms and can get you feeling better... quicker.

Book an online consultation today and let me help get you BACK 2 RELIEF!


  • Back, shoulder & neck pain

  • General maintenance treatments

  • Lifestyle stress & anxiety

  • Musculoskeletal injuries

  • Rehabilitation

  • Joint pain

I specialise in sciatica ... 

I specialise in back pain especially sciatica pain (aka piriformis syndrome) and get great results working with desk-based professionals, drivers and sports people such as horse riders, golfers and runners, who are ready to team up with me to get back to doing what they enjoy pain-free.

... and frozen shoulder 

I also specialise in shoulder disorders especially frozen shoulder and I particularly like to work with women who are juggling a crazy, busy lifestyles and have a lot of people relying on them. Women who realise that they need to take care of themselves first so they can be there for everyone else and I really excel at helping them.

Helping my clients daily with ... 


April 2021 - Great news!

From Monday 12th April, I am able to re-open my clinic doors and see clients in person again!

Click here to book your in-person treatment.


If its been a few months since you've had a treatment, it's advisable to start off with a 30min online consultation so that I can find out about your current issues, goals & assess you. That way I can recommend the ideal in-person package to meet your needs from my amazing new range, and also have more time in those in-person sessions to treat you.

If you would still prefer to be treated from home, click here for my effective selection of online treatments.

I will continue to follow government guidelines in order to keep my clients and myself safe. Some of the key measures are as follows:

  • Online/remote consultation for new client conditions prior to in-person appointments

  • Covid-19 screening prior to appointments

  • If client feels unwell, appointment should be postponed or cancelled - no cancellation fee will apply

  • Client will be met at the outer door by therapist at the start time of appointment – no waiting area to be used

  • Client temperature taken on arrival, using a no-touch thermometer. If above 38oC, session will be postponed - no cancellation fee will apply

  • Provision of hand sanitizer on arrival and at departure of visit

  • Client to wear a face covering

  • Therapist to wear face mask & visor

  • Therapist will open and close doors for client

  • Provision of a sanitised area for your garments and belongings

  • Provision of separate, clean towels for each client

  • Allowance of 30min between treatments to sanitise room & equipment and ventilate room. Therefore clients are kindly asked to arrive and depart on time

  • Payment by card or bank transfer preferred and due in advance of appointment

My overall aim will still be to provide you with a calm, professional and relaxed environment where your injuries, pain or discomfort can be addressed.



YMCA Clinic

YMCA Sports Centre, Princes Rd, Redhill RH1 6JJ

Althorne Clinic

11 Althorne Rd, Earlswood, RH1 6EF

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Mon: 8:30am - 8pm

Tue: 8:30am - 6pm

Wed: 8:30am - 6pm 

Thu: 8:30am - 8pm

Fri: 8:30am - 1pm 

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Sunday: Closed


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