I’m the owner of the Back2Relief Pain & Wellbeing Clinic. I specialise in back, shoulder and neck pain. At Back2Relief, I focus on dealing with the cause, not just the symptoms so I can get you Back2Relief…quickly!

So, what's my story? Well… starting off with an Engineering degree, my previous career path has seen me in varied roles including many years working as an IT consultant. However, I have always felt a strong calling towards the caring professions.

Some years ago, I sustained a knee injury while playing netball, which required surgery to repair. This was followed by many months of rehab, which got my knee back to full functionality and strength, allowing me to return to playing the sport I loved. I was blown away by that experience and that inspired me, along with my longstanding fascination with how our bodies function, to re-train as a Soft Tissue Therapist.

Today, I love what I do! Working as a Soft Tissue Therapist regularly allows me to make a tangible difference to my clients’ lives, especially when they are in pain. I like to describe soft tissue therapy as “medical massage”, combining elements of clinical deep tissue or sports massage with remedial techniques to resolve pain and restriction. It incorporates a blend of soft tissue techniques like soft tissue release, myofascial release and trigger point therapy, some of which are similar to those used in physiotherapy and osteopathy.

Some of my clients had been putting up with painful conditions for months, even years before coming to see me. The results I have achieved have been nothing short of amazing. Needless to say, I find my work enjoyable, deeply satisfying and fulfilling.

Client Stories 

Take Ruth, a busy, professional working mum...

  • She had been putting up with intermittent shoulder and neck pain for over 15 years when she decided to come to me for treatment. The pain had recently become constant spreading up her neck into a headache on one side. At the end of the first session, she said that her neck and shoulders already felt a lot looser and the crunching sound on movement had disappeared. She diligently followed the self-care exercises and advice that I provided to her, and by the start of the third session she reported that the pain had reduced substantially in her neck and shoulders. At the end of that session she said she felt so much better and described the series of treatments as “life changing”!

And Mark, a company director...

  • He had developed intense lower back pain while working from home at the start of lockdown. He came to see me 6 months later as he was still experiencing constant pain which made it difficult to work, do simple tasks like tie his shoelaces and it was also affecting his sleep. On arrival at the third session, he referred to me as a “miracle worker”. His back pain had vastly reduced and his mobility had improved.

  • BTEC Level 5 Diploma - Clinical Soft Tissue Therapy & Remedial Massage - London School of Soft Tissue Therapy (LSSM)

  • Anatomy Trains Structure & Function (Myofascial techniques) - Anatomy Trains

  • Integrated Myofascial Therapy (Myofascial Release) Parts 1 & 2 - Myofascial Release UK

  • Member of Institute for Soft Tissue Therapists, London (ISRM)

  • Member of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) - The independent regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners

  • BEng Hons (Bachelor of Engineering) - University College London, University of London