Frequently asked questions

How do I book my online consultation or treatment?

You simply click on the “Book now” link, select the treatment you require, complete the client intake forms and make the payment. Debit/credit cards accepted.

What can expect from the online consultation?

The online consultation gives me an excellent opportunity to review and talk through your client history (which you will have completed at the time of booking). I will discuss your current problem, requirements & treatment goals and assess you. Then I will propose a bespoke treatment plan for you and get you booked in for your first in-person treatment session.

How long will it take to resolve my pain issue?

Most chronic pain conditions can take up to 4 to 6 sessions for a significant reduction in pain and restriction, however I generally achieve a noticeable reduction in tension within the first session.

What should I expect for the first in-person treatment?

I will begin your bespoke treatment journey, using specific soft tissue techniques, including deep tissue massage, tailored to your requirements. I will provide you with self-care advice & exercises and book your follow-up treatment session.

What do I need to wear?

It is advisable to wear loose fitting clothing that can easily be removed down to your underwear if necessary. You will always be covered with a clean towel. Please bring loose fitting shorts if possible.

Will it be painful?

I use a variety of different soft tissue therapy techniques. All of which are safe and non-invasive. Most of these techniques are pain-free and stress-relieving, with a few that may be “beneficially uncomfortable” for short periods, however none of the techniques are very painful and I always work within your pain tolerance, regularly checking that you are comfortable.

Will the session just be massage? What techniques will be used?

The soft tissue therapy techniques I use include soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, joint mobilisation and deep tissue massage, to name a few. These techniques are excellent for combatting chronic pain and restriction, and for maintaining tissue health.

I have a number of underlying health issues. How will I know whether these sessions will be ok for me?

Soft tissue therapy can be beneficial for many health conditions. However, as part of the consultation, I would review your medical history and if you have any health conditions that are contraindicated for soft tissue therapy, I would refer you on to what I believe would be more appropriate treatment or to your GP.